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Our Programs


We know it’s especially hard for parents to leave their little bundle of joy in someone else’s care. At Creative Corner Learning Center, your trust inspires us. We have created high-quality care standards for the infants in our care. For our littlest learners and by partnership with our parents, we develop a well-rounded routine to allow infants to grow and blossom. This routine includes not only the basics of feeding and naptime but also quality activities to engage their motor skills, social interactions and cognitive development.

Baby boy eating bread and cucumber with BLW method, baby led weaning. Seriosu vegetarian kid eating lunch. Child eat himself, self-feeding.


Toddlers are just amazing in their ability to learn and absorb the world around them!  We foster this growth by providing a stimulating environment with stories, outdoor play, music and other activities that develop their fine motor skills, as well as continue to build on their social and cognitive skills.  Toddlers are nurtured and encouraged as we begin to learn about colors, shapes, letters and numbers.



This is such an exciting time as preschoolers get ready to go to big kid school! Activities include academic readiness such as reading, math and science. By keeping the atmosphere fun and exciting, we engage our preschoolers to be enthusiastic about learning. We also continue to build and develop the social skills needed to productively participate in Kindergarten and become a well-prepared student.

Beautiful little smiling girl with dark curly hair in blue dress reading child book on sofa at home


Finally, big kids’ school! Creative Corner Learning Center offers both before and after school programs designed specifically for elementary aged children. We offer a naturing atmosphere with fun activities to allow school-aged children to enjoy their time with us. Breakfast, after-school snacks and transportation to and from several local school is included.