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Our Goals

For environment which encourages children to

  • develop a love of learning
  • be part of a community of friends
  • develop a positive sense of self
  • to communicate ideas effectively
  • to explore, discover, ask questions and find solutions
  • use their whole body effectively
  • practice basic safety and health habits and understand why they are important

For Parents...a program which provides

  • high quality childcare that supports their family’s schedule
  • support of their relationship with their child
  • opportunities to increase understanding of infant and child development
  • opportunities to contribute to their child’s program
  • recognition of parents’ needs and concerns
  • encouragement to trust their ability to resolve parenting issues
  • mutual support from and for other parent

For Staff...a work environment which helps

  • develop greater understanding of young children
  • foster problem-solving through active listening and collaboration
  • interact with children in non-authoritarian, authentic and respectful manner
  • facilitate learning opportunities which are relevant to the children
  • gain insight about themselves and their capabilities
  • to build relationships with team members to reach mutually shared goals
  • gain work experience and training applicable to future employment
  • gain knowledge of professional practices and ethics in the field of early childhood